Matiu // Brand Identity, Website and Photography

Matiu is a traditional Maori artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa, with over 20 years experience in Kowhaiwhai, Whakairo and Waka construction.

Matiu approached Designstein to create an umbrella identity he could launch all of his work under. His goal as an artist was to cross over into the more conceptual world of art, which brings together his Maori and European heritage. 

A logo mark was created to represent his Maori heritage with an abstract Kowhaiwhai pattern, as well as symbolise the traditional badge insignia found on the coat-of-arms of many European family crests. The tip of the logo mark also represents the carving tools Matiu uses when creating his artworks. 

Designstein also art directed a photo shoot and retouched the images, to create a tone for the display of his artworks and brand imagery.

Photography: Tamati Norman